Paper Making

The company operates four versatile Paper Machines and two Board Machines with an installed capacity of 3,20,000 TPA.

The varied functional characteristics of the Machines and the swing capacity have enabled the company to produce a wide portfolio of paper and boards ranging from 52 to 600 gsm , catered to a diversified application segment enabling the mill to sustain its share in a market sensitive to season and cycle.

Hi-tech Machines for New Generation Papers

With the latest addition of 500 TPD State of the Art Voith Paper Machine  with Deckel of 5.3 meter, the quality standards in WCPM have risen to international benchmarks. The Hi-tech machine operated at 1100 MPM , with a GSM ranging from 52 to 90 is rated the best in the country and the latest of its kind in the world.

Salient Feature:

Module Jet Head Box of latest technology, having on line dilution with profile actuator for uniform profile  lamella for fiber orientation by delivering uniform Jet with well dispersed fiber.

 New Generation Former that features a combination of Fourdrinier wire section with a top Former that facilitates excellent sheet formation with least two-sidedness and MD/CD tensile ratio.

Speed Flow Size Press: Paper is processed through a metered size press to get the “extra finish” to impart the best surface and optical properties.

Shoe Press and Soft-Nip Calendaring: facilitates achieving high bulk, good smoothness and best dimensional stability, with low two-sidedness.

The Advanced On-line Process and Quality Control System ensures consistency in quality in line with the  international standards.

The sweeping success of the PM-6 made Copier papers namely B2B, Copy Gold and Copy Plus which have taken the top slot in the market for cut size papers in a record short time, is the testimony of the customer acceptance  on account of functional superiority.

The WESCO Brand Maplitho paper has  been rated one of the best in the industry, duly acknowledged by reputed print-houses and institutions.

Process Highlights

  • Paper made using 100% virgin wood fiber provides excellent physical properties to paper required for strength and durability.
  • Wood Pulp is processed through  an ECF, Eco-friendly bleaching process that enables  it to achieve  high degree of brightness while preserving the strength properties.
  • Paper made using alkaline sizing and uniform surface size coating of starch.
  • Usage of high grade fillers like PCC have enhanced the optical properties ensuring high brightness , opacity and scatter values imparting the paper a lasting freshness with least abrasion factor.
  • Advanced Stock Preparation System enables us to monitor and  maintain  the consistency in  quality through  effective and online process control measures.

Our new machine is fully integrated with the distributed control system, making it possible to control the entire machine from a single location compared with our erstwhile practice of manual intervention at each stage.

WCPM believes in continuously upgrading the technology and the process through its extensive R&D and adoption of state of the art  innovations prevalent in the global paper industry.